Friday, September 02, 2005

Taking it to the streets

Dammit! I'm in the Bespin cafeteria and again there's no seats left. I hope by the time I go through the lucnch line something opens up, if not I'll recall the old shovel-pop and remove somebody by force. First they're out of scones, now this. Better idea- there's a flashy ho sitting rin-din by her lonesome. Because of her uniform I knew she was a nurse from the medical wing. I sat next to her and flashed that Lando pimp grin. She melted and I took her to the supply closet to rock the rust from her. Lobot walked in just as I was finishing, I mean "just as". He was mad at me because it was his niece. Ob, boy! I didn't know, honest. But what a great piece of fruit. He won't talk to me now, but I can't blame him. Maybe I should give him a raise that might help him not be pissed. That's Lando's world, taking it to the street one white ho at a time.